Paving stone splitting lines

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Main advantages

  • Unbeatable performance
  • Low operating costs
  • Simple handling
  • Automatic waste disposal
  • Reliability and long service life

Thanks to the development and long-term cooperation with quarries around the world, we provide a very effective solution for the production of building stone and paving blocks of all sizes. Sophisticated organization of work, optimal positioning of splitters in the line and their parameters ensure superior production of quality products.

One paving stone splitter processes up to 10 tons of stone per shift. SLG+ lines are assembled from one building stone splitter (SLG) and a varying amount of smaller splitters for paving blocks. The current number is from two to five, depending on the production needed.

Below the splitting line, there is a rubber belt conveyor for continuous removal of chipped waste. It significantly saves the time required for everyday cleaning after a shift. Its use reduces the risk of injury and damage to machines.