Cut stone slab splitter

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Main advantages

  • Suitable for products of different sizes
  • Simple operation using a program and control panel
  • Production line design exactly to fit the customer's needs
  • Option of side knives
  • Option of hydraulic shock
  • Reliability and long service life

Splitting lines for cut slabs offer an automatic splitting option for different sized slabs. Tailor-made design for the customer is based on the type and size of the input stone. Automatic splitting of cut slabs allows combining splitters with conveyors of various sizes. The performance is subject to the number of splitting cycles and sizes of finished products.

The type of splitter to be used in the line is dependent on the (maximum) width and thickness of the input slab. Another factor influencing the line assembly is the need for splitting accuracy and the production capacity. We supply different types of conveyors to come with the line.

To enhance the quality of the split area, we can add removable side knives. The replacement is carried out by the operator upon the request for changing the slab height. We also offer the option of adding hydraulic shock, even though it is primarily used for splitting concrete. Splitters are equipped with a special hydraulic system with a cooling unit.

The production lines can be supplemented with tongs manipulators for precision positioning of slabs under the splitting knives. Large cut slab splitting lines can be equipped with a special automatic loading system.